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Write for Us

We often get emails asking if we take guest articles or if it is possible to write for us. We have set up this page to give anyone who may be interested the information needed to either write for us or submit a guest article.

Most of our articles are written by our in-house staff, at present this is a small dedicated team, and we do not currently have any paid vacancies

As for guest posts we always welcome well written articles that meet with our readership requirements, so please feel free to submit a piece for consideration on any of the below topics.







What’s in it for You?

There is always the possibility of joining the team on a full-time basis and being part of this wonderful magazine, helping it grow and shaping its development in the future.

Aside from the above there are also the following benefits:

  • Having your article seen by over 14k readers a month;
  • full credits given;
  • links back to your website and/or social media pages;
  • helps build your personal brand;
  • add experience to your C.V.;
  • you may add a short bio if you so wish to the bottom of the article;
  • we provide backlinks to your site bringing you more traffic;
  • you gain more exposure as we promote the article on our Twitter accounts and Facebook; and
  • we are networked forever, sharing and growing.

But most of all being part of a network of friends, so if after reading all of the above and would like to write for us, then please contact using the address below

Basic Submission Guidelines:-

  1. Original Articles that have never been published.
  2. Credit should be given to all images and media used if not your own.
  3. Try to include images if possible.
  4. Articles should be of a good quality that meets our readership.
  5. Categories should be chosen that meet and are suited to our magazine – Entertainment, Models, Games, Shopping, Technology and General Rumbles

Thank you for your interest in kewelworld.com

Email contact: info@kewelworld.com or simply complete the contact form below.

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