Zygor Guides – Mists of Pandaria Review

Zygor Guides has been around for a long time and is without doubt one of the best game guides out there for World of Warcraft.

So what’s it all about?

Well if your new to World of Warcraft or an old hand Zygor Guides really are one of those must have things for WOW! Why is that? – I hear you say – well its simple, it helps you to do things in WOW so very much faster:

  • levelling;
  • achievements;
  • pets; and
  • even dungeons.



Right from purchase Zygor ($40 US) make everything so simple, with a handy client you download to your computer, which you run entering your login details and then voilà you can download your guides and, that’s pretty much it, you are ready to log into World of Warcraft and get going.

Once loaded up in WOW, clicking the drop down box at the top of the in game client lets you choose what guide you are using; for me I chose levelling for my level 20 Rogue, it then gave me a list of levelling zones, and after selecting Ashenvale, I was ready to go, and Zygor had filled up my suggested quest to follow an even showed me the path to take on the map. I found a really great addition is that it highlights your flight paths saving you time in trying to figure out the best route.

There is no doubt the guide is just superb after a few hours I had gone up a good few levels, by just following Zygor's suggested quests, you are told exactly which quests to take and where to go to complete them. Levelling is always painful in WOW and the faster you can do it the better and Zygor truly does a good job of power guiding you through one of WOW's laborious task.

So, do I recommend Zygor? Of course I do, I loved it, not having to look up quests or where to go makes you feel you have someone levelling with you all the time, but that’s not all Zygor Guides offer so much more than just levelling there is the Loremaster, Dailies & Events, Vanity Pets & Mounts, Professions & Achievements even Dungeons & Gear, its definitely one of the, if not the best in game guides out there – so if you have been thinking about signing up for a guide to help you in World of Warcraft don’t just take my word for it hop o over to http://www.zygorguides.com and take advantage of their free trial you wont be disappointed. On a final note, Zygor Guides offer a 24/7 support system but being honest I have never to use it, so I cannot really tell you much about,apart from to say that its there if needed.

Everything you need can be found here http://www.zygorguides.com!


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