White Ash Chapter 2

White Ash Chapter 2 Kicking it up on Kickstarter

After reading White Ash Chapter 1 to say we were a little excited to take a look at Chapter 2 and thanks to the creators we have been lucky enough to take a peek inside white ash chapter 2next installment of White Ash.

Once again the awesome artwork of Conor Hughes grabs you with its drab pastel colours creating that hint of darkness which infuses so well with the writing of Charlie Stickney.

Not to give too much away as the creators have a Kickstarter running, that has already far exceeded its goal and is already heading on for stretch goal No 4 “an exclusive Kickstarter variant cover by the amazing Nick Robles” well worth hopping over and supporting this wonderful comic, White Ash Kickstarter.

Continuing on from White Ash Chapter 1 Alec starts to discover a little bit more about the strange horrors taking place in White Ash while his families secrets start to unfold, even the lovely Lillian is not watch she appears.

Chapter 2 is really the eye-opener issues with a lot of things starting to make sense and if you enjoyed Chapter one of White Ash then this issue is just as good.

Stickney’s writing has you now well and truly engrossed not only in the storyline but the characters of Alec and Lillian who are now starting to come to the fore, with the artwork of Conor Hughes and the wonderful colouring of Fin Cramb once again completing the package


“If you enjoyed White Ash Chapter 1 then grab White Ash 2 because it’s got a real Shocker to it”

WHITE ASH is a (15+) fantasy horror comic book series, peppered with a healthy dose of romantic angst.

Charlie Stickney

Sparks fly when Aleck, the son of a miner,

falls for Lillian, the daughter of the elitist owner of the mine — a forbidden love that turns dangerous when Aleck uncovers a secret about his family that changes everything he knows about himself, the people around him and his home town of White Ash. It’s Romeo and Juliet, meets Lord of the Rings… in rural Pennsylvania.

WHITE ASH  is an independent, creator-owned, ongoing series by Charlie Stickney (writer) and Conor Hughes (artist/letterer), with colors by Fin Cramb. Chapter One and Two in Standard and Limited Variant Cover editions will be available on Kickstarter (http://bit.ly/WhiteashKS2) from February 12-March 14th.

Writer: Charlie Stickney
Artist: Conor Hughes
Colorist: Fin Cramb

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