They still don’t get it!

  Following on from the local elections and the results for UKIP, we have Cameron looking shell shocked and without actually saying the words, apologising for calling them fruitcakes “Well look, it’s no good insulting […]

Happy New Year!

First of all let me wish you all a Happy New Year. I was asked if I would like to do an end of year review type thing. I thought about it and concluded it […]

Do you know what I mean?

There are some things in life that I just don’t understand. The other day I passed a speed camera with an orange cover over it with the words “OUT OF ORDER” written in large black […]

Will going green make you see red?

According to an article in the Financial Times written by Jim Pickard and Mark Odell, ministers are looking at a two-tier system of road tax under which motorists who use motorways and main trunk roads […]

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