As In Kevin Movie Review

As In Kevin Movie

As In Kevin the Funny Side of Online Dating

We just got through watching As In Kevin a comedy short directed by Foster V. Corder and written by Summer Moore who also happens to play Mackenzie the main protagonist

The film itself follows Mackenzie’s short and often funny adventures of online dating or more to the point as Mackenzie finds out the art of Swipe and Bite which basically means a member of a dating site swiping as many  profiles as they can in the hope that one will bite, crazy right? But hell its online dating as Makenzie soon finds out from Van played by Kash Hovey who is the master of bite and swipe in his straight forward approach to what he wants from online dating. Kash plays the character to perfection slinky, fast and someone you never want your sister or daughter to meet while at the same time adding some fun and zest to the scenes

A lot of the fun stuff happens after MacKenzie agrees to go on a date if Veronica her co-worker will meet her brother, this all takes place at a plush restaurant where Mackenzie’s brother works.

Summer Moore

Add an ex crazy girlfriend, some wacky Derek (Diggler) and a splash more of Van and you get some pretty funny exchanges, all in all for a short it is extremely well-acted with Van and Diggler kind of stealing a scene or two and ending up having a rather awkward moment at the end.

Summer Moore take a bow because this is pretty good, no its very good and we could see this easily being a comedy web series – go write some more because there are so many characters that could be expanded on!  Just fab.

Rating:  8/10 watch it 🙂

As In Kevin

Starring: Summer Moore, Kasia Szarek, Kash Hovey, Justin Sorvillo, Josh Beren, Priscilla Bawicia, Lyle DeRose, Dave Deluca, Chris Kanapa, Shivaani Sharma, Georgina Castens, Carmierli Trani, and Aeon Cruz.





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