Birmingham Horror Con Review


What a Fantastic Horror Con

Well, last week, I had the pleasure of attending Birmingham Horror Con and to say it was an overwhelming success would be an understatement.

First of  the choice of location was perfect, Edgbaston Stadium with its easy access and plenty of parking was neither too big nor too small for the huge crowds that attended, and not only that but the staff on the day were amazing, always ready to help and always smiling – great job guys.emma dark

So, on to the Horror Con itself with a good array of guests many of whom came from the film and author worlds Tony Moran, Ken Sagoes, Jsu Garcia, Caroline Munro, Jon Campling, Nat King, Emma Dark, Adam Nevill and Matt Shaw to name a few and whilst there was some queuing, it somehow did not feel that bad considering at times the place felt like it was packed to the rafters.

But that’s not all, because while the guests are always a very important part of any convention there really was so much more going on at this Horror Con including live demonstrations of special effects makeup, Tattooing and photography.  You even had snakes from Cassandra Tainsh , plus let’s not forget to mention all the vendor stands for all us who like to come away with a few mementos – there were masks, jewellery, statues, action figures, Funko Pops, collectable cards, stickers and of course one of my personal favourite delicious cakes and fudge. In fact, if it had anything to do with horror then you could probably pick it up here!

One thing we always like to give a special mention to is the cosplay at these events, and Birmingham Horror Con is no different, the work that cosplayers do to get the costumes just right is just outstanding you had Freddy Kruegers, Jason Voorhees’s, Sam’s, Leather Face’s, witches, vampires and so many more – they really do add to any event.

freddy kruegerbirmingham horror conwalker

If I was to sum up the Birmingham Horror Con in a few words it would be Just Amazing everything was just right, it had great guests, it was friendly, there was plenty to look at and even buy and most of all it was easy to get too, the organisers deserve a big pat on the back and I will definitely be going to some of their future events which I will list below

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