Bleeding Audio The Matches Story

The Band

The Matches were making all the right noises in the first half of the 2000s, a great sound strong fan base and renowned for giving a power packed live performances, but by the summer of 2009 the band announced they were taking a break.

Chelsea Christer

So what happened to the band than many felt were sure reach the pinnacle heights of greatness? A question that has gone unanswered for many years may just be getting some light shone on it with the release of a new film/documentary called Bleeding Audio; named after one of the bands songs, Audio Blood, which was a firm A must watch for any music aficionado 10 out of 10with the fans.

The Film

Taking a close look at The Matches, from the band’s early roots to their reunion in 2014, Chelsea Christer’s Bleeding Audio is a masterpiece of film making as it takes an intimate look at this four-piece American punk band from California.

The Matches Band

With the opening scene of fans getting tattoos, you already get a sense of how much The Matches music meant to them and how much the fans meant to The Matches, from the early days of touring with Real Big Fish you can feel that this band is going to be huge and that’s what Chelsea Christer’s film does, it somehow makes you believe that that these guys are going to make it, even though you know how the story ends.

Some might think this film is a cliché of a band’s rise and fall,  but the truth is The Matches never fell they just stopped, after 12 years of hard work and energy they woke to the fact that just maybe this was as good as it gets.

Bleeding Audio is a movie about The Matches but in truth it could be about any band because its not a story paved with gold nor does it have the happy ending but what does have is an honesty to how hard this band worked from touring nonstop, selling thousands of CDs to being pursued by the music industry only to eventually stop, not because they weren’t great because they were, not because they didn’t make the right sound because, they did, but because sometimes life just does not work that way!

The Conclusion

If I could leave this review with these final words, I had never heard of The Matches before this film, which is a pity because now I listen to them daily and now I want more from them, so just maybe there’s still hope, in a music world where we feed internet fame overnight and bands long forgotten are now back in the limelight, just maybe THE MATCHES time is now, just maybe it’s time for them to bleed some Audio Blood again.

A must watch for any music aficionado 10 out of 10

BLEEDING AUDIO Two for Two in the Audience Award category This Year So Far

Audience award at SF Indie fest

Audience Award for Feature Documentary: BLEEDING AUDIO


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