Eirtakon 2016 Review !


Anime Convention Closes Its Doors

Eirtakon closed its doors last week for the last time, running for over 12 years the anime and gaming event had gone from strength to strength with ever increasing attendances, making it one of Irelands best anime conventions, with that in mind I know from chatting with a lot of attendees they were a little puzzled as to why end something that is doing so well. But to be fair to the organisers, it takes a huge amount of time and effort to put one of these things together, so calling it a day while you are at the top is probably a fitting way to bow out.

And bow out they did with large crowds once again in attendance at Croke Park for this weekend long event with a line-up that had something for everyone with voice actors Luci Christian, John Swasey , John & Brenda Romero and Cardiology Cosplay.

anime convention

The event itself is run over a number of different floors of Croke Park conference centre so there was little bit of navigating and if am being honest a little bit of getting lost at times.   Thankfully there was plenty of volunteers on hand to point you in the right direction, so a little special mention for these guys who without doubt their pleasant and friendly demeanours only added to the event.

With plenty of panels, gaming and vendor stalls combined with the wonderful talent of Artist Alley there was no shortage of things to do, one thing of course that always attracts attention at these type of conventions is the cosplay and well what can I say, it was just outstanding which showed by the huge attendance at the International Worbla Awards & Kimono Competition which was judged by cosplayers Veera and Elle from Cardiology Cosplay

 Cardiology Cosplay

Overall if I were to compare this convention to some of the larger comic con’s bearing in mind anime is not something I have a huge interest in then there is something truly unique about Eirtakon because it does not matter what your interests are, its more diversity and friendship which I am sure over the years many have been made and in all truth this was my first visit to Eirtakon and in many ways I regret not attending sooner because this was one of the warmest and friendliest conventions I have ever been too where smiles and laughter reigned throughout and in today’s world that’s got to be a good thing

Will it be missed?  Hell yes, was it right to call it a day? Probably, what better way to bring down a curtain on such a great event to leave so many great memories, take a bow Eirtakon and everyone involved including all you Eirta-peeps because you made something great , be happy until the next time.

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