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The market in male skincare is growing in leaps and bounds, and no more do men simply steal their 'Mrs' or buy whatever smells the less “girlie”, products are now tailored to men's skin; and Lab Series Skincare for Men is near the top of the tree when it comes to high quality skincare for men and so we have chosen Lab Series Moisture Defence Lotion SPF 15 100ML as our first “best online price for….”

Each month we will choose a product and find the top three cheapest prices online for it (no promises, or guarantees, and if you find cheaper please let us know), crucially we include postage and packing in the price as this can vary a lot and make a big difference to the final price you pay!

According to the Lab Series Skincare for Men; Lab Series Moisture Defence Lotion SPF 15 100ML is …….Lightweight moisturising SPF 15 lotion infused with antioxidants continuously hydrates and helps protect the skin from UVA/UVB rays, smoke and pollution. Minimises signs of ageing, smoothes fine lines and improves overall skin texture.

The best online price

1st place


free delivery

TOTAL:                 £38.00


free delivery

TOTAL:                 £38.00


plus £2.95 delivery

TOTAL:                 £39.95






PLEASE NOTE: we only include verifiable, reputable online traders. If the website does not include a landline phone number, a contact address, and details of ownership we will NOT include it. We make no assumptions or statements about websites that do not include this information, we have simply chosen to exclude them from this list, which makes no claims with regard to cheapest possible prices.


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