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Kayla Perkins

At 19 Kayla Perkins may be young, but she most definitely does not lack experience, her resume reading like that of someone years her senior. We contacted Kayla asking for an interview, interested in what drives someone so young to want to step on the rocky road to hopeful success in the modelling and show business industry……..


Can we start off by asking you to tell us a little about yourself?

"I enjoy acting, modelling, singing and dancing. I love spending time with my family going out to eat and going to the movies. I am a Dare Role Model. In my spare time, I enjoy volunteering Working with Senior Citizens and love going around doing Charity Fundraisers to help raise money for different Charity Organizations. I am an Honor Roll student. I am former Junior Miss Kentucky, I was also Crowned 2009 Teen Miss Scott County. On Dec 14, 2009 I received A Proclamation Award from Mayor Karen Tingle-Sames & The City Of Georgetown for my outstanding achievements."


You are still young enough to be considered almost a clean slate! What are your aspirations and hopes for how your career is going to develop?

Kayla Perkins"Of course in the entertainment business, we all want to win an Oscar, that is my dream. I live in Kentucky so it is somewhat hard getting into the bigger Hollywood movies cause there are not a lot of films that come our way to be able to get involved in. I am very happy and honoured to have gotten to do all the things that I have so far with being in Kentucky. I feel it has helped me get a lot of experience so far and has helped to make me a better actress. With anything in life, the more you practice, the better you will get. My main thing has been to finish school and get my degree and my hopes after school is move to LA so I can be closer to the bigger Hollywood films and be able to be there daily to get to go on the auditions and eventually make a bigger name for myself in Hollywood. I know a lot of teens tell me they want to be famous and with me, it’s not all about being famous as much as just being able to do the one thing I love most and being able to enjoy it! I love acting and the art that goes into making movies. Everyone on set has to come together to make it the best that we can and I want to be known for a wonderful actress. I just recently shot a new Papa John’s National TV commercial that will be airing soon and our UK Basketball coach was also in it and I'm a huge fan so that was exciting for me. I am very interested in going on to college to learn more about maybe working some on the other side of the camera in my future. I also would like to become a nurse for when I am not on my movie sets. That is some of my future plans and just being able to live life to its fullest and more importantly just enjoy it."

Looking through your website, www.KaylaPerkins.Com it looks as though you are as interested in the acting side of the business, as you are the modelling, do you actually have a preference?

"I love acting the most and the art that goes into making movies. It’s my passion!"

Kayla Perkins

Alternative models and fetish models, partly thanks to, and since the huge success of 50 Shades of Grey, have become more mainstream and popular, where would you pop yourself? Could you see yourself going down the alternative route?

"No, I'm not into going that route or nude stuff either. I'm not saying anything negative regarding people who do it but it’s just not my thing."

Your resume is already pretty full, have you worked with anybody who has really inspired you? We saw you working with Debbie Rochon on a film, she is one ofour favourite indie actresses (read our recent interview with Debbie HERE), do you think getting the chance to work with people like Debbie is helping to hone your acting talents?

Kayla Perkins

"Yes, I would sait’s always a plus when you work with people such as Debbie where they are very known and she is such an awesome actress. You make connections and get to network while on set with the stars, in this business networking and making connections is a big part of booking projects and getting your name out there! So yes, I think being seen in the bigger movies with the bigger celebs is awesome. I have fans all the time tell me example, I saw you in Debbie’s movie “The Girl”, and I was like wow that Kayla girl is a good actress and beautiful. I have gotten fans that way and a lot of them follow me to conventions and follows my career and it’s the best feeling! I have actually made a lot of friends from doing movies and we keep in touch and some are like family to me now."

Finally, you started out in the business so young, can you ever see a time where you will just say 'bugger it!', and go do something entirely different instead?

"There’s always that chance but for now, I am loving it and having fun with it. The day it gets old or too much and I am not having fun anymore, yes I might choose another path but I sure hope not for a long time to come."

And of course, we never let anyone get away from an interview without asking them some fun questions……

Do you wear fluffy slippers? "Yes, I do! `They are my favourite!"Kayla Perkins

What was your best Christmas present this year? "Well let me start off by saying mother was born with Rheumatoid Arthritis and is now suffering from Fibromyalgia and Basil Cell Cancer so she can’t work and recently this year my dad was diagnosed with cancer also. He is due to have surgery and be off work for awhile so money will be tight so we all agreed to not buy for each other this year to save money. We spent Christmas with our family and friends remembering what Christmas is really about, it was really nice. Even though Mom and Dad didn’t follow thru on our wishes cause she was like I have got you gifts for Christmas the past 18 years and that she was getting me something, and so I got a new puppy. It was the best Christmas ever! I now have 5 doggies. Angel, Princess, Prince, Buddy & Misty."

If you were handed a million dollars tomorrow, what would be the first thing you would buy? "I would get my mom and dad treatments, surgery, what ever needed to get them both well. I would then buy a house big enough for my parents and I to move to LA so I could follow my acting career and then put myself thru college. I would also donate some of it to charities to help others."









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