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Peachy Poison

Today we have been extremely lucky to catch some time with the lovely Peaches & Scream/Peachy Poison an alternative model form the North East England who also happens to moonlight as an amazing horror cosplayer. 

Just to kick things off can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself and how you got into modeling? Hello! Well, I’m Peachy, slightly obsessed with horror, latex, cats, makeup, art, 80s/90s cartoons, film and pinhead! I started out helping friends for various uni projects and I was (kinda) forced to enter an alternative model competition by my friends so I guess as they say,’ the rest is history’. Peaches & Scream

One can’t help but notice your gorgeous tattoos. How many do you have and will you be adding to this amazing artwork? 

 Thank you, I have a fair few now. I have plans to add some horror work, potentially another sleeve, so addictive once you start ha.   

Do you have a particular style of modeling you enjoy doing more than any of the others, such as alt, pinup or horror etc?  

I have to say I LOVE doing fetish work, it’s really appealing to me. I think that would tie in with my love of latex and darkness.

Your horror cosplays are just breath-taking, have you always been interested in the horror genre or is this more an extension of your alt modeling?  

Thank you so much! I have always been a massive horror fan. I remember watching/growing up with all the old classics like Hellraiser, Nightmare on elm street Halloween, Friday the 13th and the like so they all hold a special place in my heart and they have never gone out of style. I think a lot of my weekends involved Peter Cushing, Vincent price and Christopher Lee from as long ago as I can remember.  

Following on from the question above you have recently been a guest at the Birmingham Horror Con, how did this come about and are conventions something would like to do more of? 

Oh gosh yes that was a lot of fun! One of the characters/work I did actually won me a place there and I was really thankful/over the moon. I would love to guest at more, its awesome fun. 

Obviously, modeling is very much part of your life do you have any hobbies or interest outside this world? 

I love to drink tea, chill with my cat, look at art, makeup, movies and horror. 

Just before we ask a few fun questions what does the future hold for Peaches & Scream/Peachy Poison any aspirations or bucket list? 

Well, I’d love to visit America again and work over there in some way, work with some of my idols and grow my business/work.
cosplay modelAs with all our interviews we always like to end with a few fun questions just to get a more personal touch from our guests  

Which Cartoon Character best describes you? 

I’d say She-Hulk ha. More so the latter version of her, fun loving, kind yet feisty and well the rage part only when I’m ‘hangry’ haha. 

What’s the first thing you would buy if you were given a Million Pounds? 

I’d be buying a plane ticket for a holiday and some kind of big gothic house! 

If you got stuck in a haunted house and could choose one person to be there with you, who would it be and why? 

Oh god, that’s a tough one. I think I’d have to choose a more ‘scaredy pants’ friend because I’d be laughing more at them than worrying about which demons are chasing us ha. 

As very super sexy alt model do you own a pair of fluffy slippers? 

Oh hell yes! I have a giant pair of unicorn slippers that my friend bought me recently and they are AMAZING! 

What’s your favourite drink? 

Tea all the way! 

Where in the world would you most like to visit? 

Japan for sure! 

Well is been an absolute pleasure getting to chat with you please keep us up to date with all your goings on and any of our readers would like to know more about Peaches & Scream/Peachy Poison then hop over to the links below  

Facebook: Peachy Poison

Instagram: Peaches And Cream


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