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The Walking Dead The Walking Dead: Assault  Review

First off, before I go any further, I love this game, it is based on Robert Kirkman's comic books, playing Rick Shane who wakes up in a hospital with little or no memory of how he got there.  Playing the game from a top down view your aim is to get out of Atlanta; which just happens to be full of the walking dead.

Moving around is by tapping and holding down your fingers on the screen on the spot  where you want your character to go.  It does takes a little to get used to, but once mastered you will soon be zipping in and out of range of the walkers, just enough to notch up your kill count but not close enough to let them get you.  As with most games there are supplies and ammo to pick up as well as plenty of items to use as a distraction, such as car alarms and fire hydrants.

One of the really nice features of this game is being able to assemble a crack squad as you go from level to level, and once again they are based on characters from the comic and each has their own unique ability which makes for critical team choice when tackling a scenario.
The Walking Dead Assault

The graphics and sound add to the game; whilst nothing earth shattering, the grey and black scenario is complimented by the eerie music and sound affects giving that comic book feel.

There is so much to like about this game; yes, it does not move as fast as some shooters but then again this is no ordinary shoot em up, as you have to use some strategy in your play.  Combine this with bonus objectives, challenges to unlock, exclusive content, wallpapers and not forgetting that you can add chapters as they are released.  All of this makes for a very enjoyable game.

The Walking Dead Game

Just to summarise as I said at the start I loved this game – somehow the top down view adds to the whole feel that you are playing inside a comic, which reminded me of playing Alien Breed many years ago.

If you like killing zombies in fact if you like shoot em ups with a bit of thinking attached then you really will love this game!

Rating : Kewel World Review

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