Top Ten Scary Gifts for Christmas

Bad SantaIt's that time of year again and once you are well and truly over the age of 9 and 3 quarters, its true to that Christmas really can be boring, you eat lots, drink lots and sleep lots; after opening the standard selection of presents – books, aftershave, the usual array of music and of course socks, yes socks always bloody socks! So this year I have decided to put my Top Ten I want these on my Christmas list. And being a huge horror fan, I have decided that ♫all I want for Christmas is……..


So here goes! yours may differ from mine so please chip in below if you think something else should be in the list

Christmas Number 1Universal Studio Monsters Select Frankenstein

Starting at No.1 its the man himself, Mr Frankenstein and no horror fan's mantelpiece would be complete without this fellow, he is the king of scare and this particular figurine is a great bargain, at just £17.58!

A Diamond Select Release! The Monsters Are Back AGAIN! The award winning Universal Monsters Select line expands its roster of iconic screen legends with perhaps the most sympathetic creature of them all Frankensteins Monster! Sculpted by legendary monster sculptor Gabriel Marquez, Frankenstein's Monster comes with the lab table upon which the monster was given life and rose for the first time. The fans have already spoken, hailing this line as the most detailed and accurate depiction of the classic Universal Monsters ever, and this 7 depiction of Frankenstein's Monster is proof positive of DSTs dedication to bringing these iconic monsters to collectors. The Speciality Market version includes an exclusive paint scheme as well as a detailed accessory not available to the Mass Market.

Christmas Number 2Halloween: 30th Anniversary (DVD BoxSet)

At No. 2 – what better way to put down Christmas evening than to settle back and watch some horror in with this classic box set – just make sure grandma has had enough sherry first!

Halloween is as pure and undiluted as its title. In the small town of Haddonfield, Illinois, a teenage baby sitter tries to survive a Halloween night of relentless terror, during which a knife-wielding maniac goes after the town's hormonally charged youths. Director John Carpenter takes this simple situation and orchestrates a superbly mounted symphony of horrors. It's a movie much scarier for its dark spaces and ominous camera movements than for its explicit bloodletting (which is actually minimal). Composed by Carpenter himself, the movie's freaky music sets the tone; and his script (co-written with Debra Hill) is laced with references to other horror pictures, especially Psycho. The baby sitter is played by Jamie Lee Curtis, the real-life daughter of Psycho victim Janet Leigh; and the obsessed policeman played by Donald Pleasence is named Sam Loomis, after John Gavin's character in Psycho. In the end, though, Halloween stands on its own as an uncannily frightening experience–it's one of those movies that had audiences literally jumping out of their seats and shouting at the screen. ("No! Don't drop that knife!") Produced on a low budget, the picture turned a monster profit, and spawned many sequels, none of which approached the 1978 original. Curtis returned for two more instalments: 1981's dismal Halloween II, which picked up the story the day after the unfortunate events, and 1998's occasionally gripping Halloween H20, which proved the former baby sitter was still haunted after 20 years. 


Blood Bath Shower Gel

No 3 is one for those times you need to smell good, but don’t want to have to sacrifice those horror fan credentials. The ultimate shower accessory – Blood Bath Shower Gel – “well if your going to wash you may as well do it in style”, and when we say in style, we mean in the style of your favourite blood bath slasher film! Showering has never been so much fun (or so sinister). But, rest assured this shower gel wont leave you looking like an extra from Chain Saw Massacre, instead you will be squeaky clean and smelling fresh, ready to go out and fight against the evil (or just go to work)!


Christmas number 4Peter Cushing, Dracula Film Poster, Official Hammer Horror Mug

This is one of my favourite simple gifts – it says it all for any horror fan, just perfect for that cuppa after a hard night of blood sucking! There is no need to let your Hammer Horror fan credentials slips, even whilst supping on a cup of PG Tips! At £8.99 and arriving in a really very neat gift box, this mug – if you really have to give it away – makes a really great gift!

Dracula Mug

                                    Peter Cushing, Dracula Film Poster, Official Hammer Horror Mug


Count Ketchup

I love this a really inexpesive gift at only $3.99, turn your food in to a blood bath with this horrible cute Count Ketchup

I’m Count Ketchup. A vampire born to transform an ordinary bottle of ketchup into instant fun. Simply replace the ketchup cap with my twisted heat and squeeze! Ketchup will drip from my fangs like I just finished dinner. Not to mention, ketchup gives whatever you humans put in your mouth an extra bite!

Count Ketchup

                  Count Ketchup


Silent Night: Deadly Night 1 & 2

Another one for film buffs, this one sees Santa in a new light, definitely one to watch after midnight – let the festivity begin.

Silent Night Deadly Night part 1- After his parents are murdered a young tormented teenager goes on a murderous rampage dressed as Santa due to his stay at an orphanage where he was abused by the Mother Superior.

Silent Night Deadly Night part 2 – Ricky the brother of the killer in the first film talks to a psychiatrist about how he became a brutal killer after his brother died leading back to Mother Superior.


Christmas Numbers 7Hollywood Horror Monsters Shoulder Bag

One for the lady in your life – check this out – a bag that just screams goolness put this one down on the list hey $40.00

This handmade bag is made with everyones' favorite monsters as the exterior and lined with a red cotton interior. Interfacing is used for sturdiness and stability. Closes with a magnetic snap on the top center (a pocket is included for change or credit cards).

Horror Bag

                                                         Hollywood Horror Monsters Shoulder Bag


Mezco Toyz 4" Chucky Clip on Action Figure

Once again a nice affordable give or stocking filler for the horror of your life.  The Chucky Clip on Action Figure will attach to back packs keys and most things you can think of!

Mezco's 4" plush figures capture the sneering menace of one of horror's most infamous playthings – Chucky of the movie Child's Play. The figure features a clip so it can easily and securely attach to your backpack, keychain, cleaver, puzzle trap or wherever you would like.


Scary Zombie New Style Durable Iphone 4,4s Case

Here's a nice gift for your gadget people who like to take care of your iphones.

This scary case cover depicts Scary Zombies in all their glory, protecting your phone 4/4s from dust and scratches, with easy access buttons and allows ports without removing the case.

One to definitely impress your friends @ only $14.99.


Christmas Number 10Zombie Hunter Undead Living Dead Shirts

Finally, no list could really be complete without a T shirt for Christmas

And none say it better than this one. The zombie hunter T shirt $23.95 comes in 100 % cotton and a range of styles for men and women this is going to be one of your favourite wares trust me

                                                              Zombie Hunter Undead Living Dead Shirts

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