World Conqueror 2 on the iphone

World Conqueror 2 on the iphone

World Conqueror 2

If you’re a fan of turned based games like Risk then you’re going to enjoy this game a lot.  You take the role of a General and start with a predefined goal that includes enacting some of the important campaigns of World War 2 and the Cold War.  While fighting against some of the greatest minds of that era – Patton, Rommel, Montgomery and Yamamoto to name a few.

The game begins by choosing either the Axis or Allies from World War 2, each country having their own units and talents, as you progress through the campaigns you unlock the cold war elements which increase game longevity and overall gameplay. You start each campaign with a set number of units placed throughout the battle map, after each turn you may have the chance to purchase more units or take out a bank loan to help add to your resources.

World Conqueror 2 iphone

There is no doubt this game is built on  strategy, with a bit of a learning curve so expect a few defeats at the beginning but all this only adds to the game play as you want to win and gain medals which also increase your effectiveness in battles. The graphics and sound are adequate, offering some simple animations with the usual sounds and images you would expect from this type of game.


Once you master the game controls which are laid out well you will really like this game, I often found myself giving it one more go before I went about my daily life having to just win that last campaign which I had failed to do in my last 3 three tries. Combined with the ability to play campaigns against others online; this game is definitely must have for any war game fan..

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