Comic Block September 2015 Unboxing

comic block

Ok its Comic Block time again and I am just loving this subscription box right now, the t-shirts have been really cool of late along with some great comics.

First out of the box is another really amazing t-shirt based on the Saga comic book this one has Prince Robot on it and just looks WOW – love this!

Next up is a Green Lantern ring nothing much to get too excited over but still nice little touch!

Right onto the main stuff the comics; Dead Pool V Thanos issue 1 is the first one we pull out, not really my cup of tea but hey will give it a try, quickly following this is Danger Girl issue 1 from IDW a comic block exclusive , really like this cover and looking forward to reading this one.saga t shirt

Mirrors Edge Exordium follows – don’t know too much about this one except its based on a video game but looks interesting; and finally we have Mad Max Fury Road Part One which I am very happy to get as I was thinking about buying this recently so a really nice bonus.

Well once again I am pretty happy with this Subscription box for the money it’s definitely good value and this time there were four comics compared to the usual three we have been getting! Nice one Comic Block keep up the good work!

Kewel World Value Rating: 9/10

Cost of Box     $13.99                                    Cost of Delivery to UK     $12.50

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Dead Pool V Thanos issue 1 mad max
danger girlMirrors Edge Exordium green lantern


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