Dollar Shave Club Review

Dollar Shave Club Review Close Shave?

Shaving is a pain in the proverbial, and even with the current trend for beards it’s still a pain, as even the beard has to be trimmed and shaved so you don’t end up looking like big foot on a night out.

I have as the years have passed tried electric shavers, and a variety of wet shave razors from the most expensive to the cheapest disposable, and as I get older I find my face is a bit tougher and so have settled on a mid-range razor and sometime disposable user!

But when I saw the Dollar Shave Club – I was drawn to its promises of brilliant shaves delivered to your door and so I signed up for their trial month for a fiver (reverts to £8 per month thereafter)!

What the Dollar Shave Club say?

How does the starter box work?

It’s simple. You pay £5 today, and we’ll send you the DSC Starter Box which includes a reusable Executive handle, a full cassette of four Executive razor cartridges, and a 86 g. tube of Dr. Carver’s Shave Butter. Oh, and it ships free. After that, we’ll ship you monthly razor cartridges for just £8 — also with free shipping. You can cancel anytime you want with just a few clicks.”

What did I think?

It was ok……..and that’s gotta be the best I can do.  The packaging is nice and trendy with a hipster vibe, it is small enough to arrive through your letterbox and everything arrived unscathed and well packed.

As well as the above,  there is also a lil mini magazine which is fairly pointless…!!!

The Executive Handle and Razor Cartridges

Well put together and sturdy the razor heads have six blades each (overkill…..) and the box had 4 cartidges.

The shave it gave was average – certainly nothing special, the six blades were totally unnecessary and seemed to make no difference.   I would say I have had comparable shaves with fairly cheap disposable razors….However, I don’t shave every day, and perhaps if you did this would be a fair better choice, but for my few days (about 3) of growth it didn’t seem all that special at all.

Dr Carvers Shave Butter – 86g

Once was enough for me……I have gone back to my shaving gel.   It smells ok and boasts an impressive array of ingredients designed to look after my skin, but I didn’t like the texture of the shave it gave.  Again, I suspect if you are a daily shaver this would do the trick fine, but I shave at most once every other day and at worst about every five days and at three days the shave butter gives up the ghost totally, unable to cope.

What did it think?

Honestly, not too impressed, I haven’t renewed my order I think the full price of £8.00 per is just too steep and the contents not “wow” enough for me to continue.   Howeever for a daily shaver I think it could work better.

A great concept, but for me the products performance let the fancy packaging and marketing down!

If you want to grab your own starter box for  a fiver, you can do so HERE

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