Dublin Comic Con 2015 Review

dublin comic con



Its about time Dublin started to get some cool events like this too feed our much starved geeky comic and action figure needs, I visited the third Dublin Comic Con on Sunday (9 August 2015) which I thought might be a bit quieter than Saturday. How wrong was I! From the early morning the crowds grew and grew even though there was no real queuing time, by lunch time the place was rocking.

The first thing that struck me was amount of cosplayers who were attending and it has to be said without them no Comic Con would be as colourful or fun, so a big thank you has to be paid to all those who put such great effort in to theirthe-joker-bobble-head costumes and getting dressed up!

The event was held at the Dublin Convention Centre split between 3 floors with food and rest area at the top visitors were also able to avail of free Wi-Fi (very handy for us tweeters and bloggers).

Starting on the ground floor which was housing a mass of vendors offering comics, action figures and funko pop goodies to anyone who wished to add to their collection with prices not too bad, I myself picked up a nice Joker Wacky Wobbler for just €10.00

What’s really nice about these type of events is having all these merchants under one roof giving us comic lovers the chance to view so many cool items we generally never get to see , definitely a big plus in my book, and reason enough to attend any Comic Con.

Next up was Artist Alley on the second floor; this was just jam packed with talent and visitors alike there really was so much great artwork on show it made it hard for me to choose but finally setting on some nice prints from Isabella Von Metzradt www.helixel-illustration.com and Bernice Millar www.behance.clm/bernicemillar , a lot of time was lost here as I found myself stopping nearly at every artist table as if I had discovered Pandora’s Box and didn’t want to come out of it.

With a guest list thgame-thrones-comic-printat included Michael Rooker (Guardians of The Galaxy and The Walking Dead), Nicholas Brendan and Emma Caulfield (Buffy The Vampire Slayer), Billy West (Futurama), Steve Cardenas (Power Rangers), Gates McFadden (Star Trek), Alexis Cruz (Stargate), John Dugan (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and LadislavBeran (Hellboy).

There was plenty to keep attendees happy, without even mentioning the talks that were taking place in some of the side rooms, so there was no noise interference from the outside event itself.

Overall Dublin Comic Con seems to being going from strength to strength with this year’s choice of venue being a big hit with the Luas (tram) stopping virtually outside making it easy to get too.

Were there any downsides? Not that I could find; if I was to nit-pick, my only snipe would be the heat in the ground floor felt at times a bit oppressive but that really is a personal grumble, and certainly not one that would hold me back from going back next year

Great event, plenty to see and do with the Cosplayers really adding to the colour and fun of the whole convention

Dublin Comic Con Details Can Be Found Here : http://www.dublincomiccon.com


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