Era Silence new game from Shades of Vengeance

Era Silence

Era Silence is a new RPG game from Shades of Vengeance which is currently raising funds on Kickstarter for its launch the details of which can be found here Kickstarter

Promising to be a little different from the norm the game itself takes place on the Isle of Silence, where young worriers who, after been chosen by the Priestesses, must go to earn their names.  This is achieved by completing a set number of challenges -doesn’t sound too bad?  Well there is a little twist to this game you can’t speak on the Isle of Silence but you must still work as a team – that makes it a bit more interesting right?

The game itself is pretty straightforward to setup with characters taking less than a few minutes to create and while it can be completed in just a few hours there is also an open ended approach allowing for much longer sessions for more advanced gameplay

Shades of Vengeance

Much like other Era games it uses the d10 system for all action and combat, this places much more emphasis on each character’s skill attributes, making for more rounded game.

With the artwork looking visually superb the question arises what makes this game different?  For a start the total lack of any verbal communication between players as they complete tasks adds a different type of difficulty and this of course has a knock on effect to the GMs role whose descriptions now must be even more detailed.

With the Kickstarter campaign already going great guns you can still find out more and help support by visiting the funding page here

Last words…….

Era Silence a game that pushes the pushed the boundaries of communication, are you up for the challenge?

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About Shades of Vengeance

We are a company with a simple aim – we wish to produce original Roleplaying Games that give you a great experience!

We do this in two ways:

– Our creative team invent games! We’ve got 2 completed so far and more on the way.

– We help people with game ideas make them into a reality! We’ve had 3 successes already and there are several more on the way!

What we do not do, if you are a Game Creator who comes to us, is buy your idea off you.

We will help you produce your game, you have the last say on any aspect and, at the end of our collaboration, the book remains your Intellectual Property – you invented it, after all!

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