MCM London Comic Con October 2015 Review


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October 23-25 was Comic Con time in London as the MCM event rolled into the Excel, this three day event is firmly becoming a favourite with cosplayers and comic lovers alike with record attendances being recorded; 130,560 people packed passed through the Excel during the event to be greeted by and array of wondrous delights!
Friday was probably the quietest day still packed but plenty of room to move around and look at all the dealer stalls of which there was many and of course we couldn’t help but bag a few Pop items, a lot of time could be lost here and trust me it was as our eyes marvelled at everything from anime figures to Dalek soaps but not before both myself and Elizabeth drooled over the Back to the Future Delorean – well how could you pass it, this being the year that Doc and Marty Mcfly landed in thirty years before.

As we made our way to the comic village another stop had to be made this time AMC’S Walking Dead had a couple of caged zombies on show as usual attendees could get their photo taken with some very real and well-acted creatures.

The comic village is big favourite of mine and I always spend far too much time here but the talent on offer is incredible with the likes of Adam James Foulkes and Lynne Triplett who produce the comic Far From Faith you also had the Subversive Comics Crew, Grant Perkins, Tony Lee and many more again we couldn’t help but pick up a number of indie comics here all of which we will review later

We didn’t attend any of the panels on Friday preferring to just try and take everything but a rwalking deadeal highlight of this day was getting to meet Sylvester McCoy; a true gent and Elizabeth’s favourite (old) Doctor Who!

Saturday and Sunday were the days of panels Beowulf, Sherlock, Jekyll and Hyde and of course Doctor Who with the usual questions and answers plus the odd splodges of off track fun thrown in!

With Sherlock being the highlight; being both informative and funny even without Benedict Cumberbatch and of course the announcement of Sherlock’s return on January 1st 2016 was welcomed with huge cheers.

There is so much more to these types of events than just comics and just across from the main area you had the Vidfest and Games section. Vidfest was proving to be extremely popular with lovers of YouTube and web series’, again you had plenty of panels taking place Ashen, Tomska, Digital Jam and many more all under a rather cool looking inside inflatable dome.

Just over from this you had the Twitch TV screen holding centre stage as gamers competed in the MCM eSports London Invitational Tournament which I have to say I was a little amazed by the number of attendees glued to the rather large screen and running commentary.

One area that really does deserve a special mention is the number of cosplayers that turn up to these types of events there is little doubt they must put huge amounts of time and effort into their costumes and without them, I am sure comic cons would be a lot less entertaining! Take a bow, because you guys were everywhere from Dr Who, Super Hero’s and Borgs to characters from Frozen and Anime, you add the colour and enthusiasm to an amazing weekend and while we are on that note, we should also mention the winners of the EuroCosplay Championships:

cosplay girl

1st place Russia (Rococo Princess by Sakizou);

2nd place Hungary (Queen Ravenna – Snow White and the Huntsman); and

3rd place Italy (Mary Poppins).

Congrats to all wonderful stuff!

So that about wraps up a fabulous weekend starting of nice and easy early Friday; however by afternoon the place seemed to be heaving with people and continued that way for the rest of the weekend highlight of the weekend for me was the Cosplay so many amazing costumes for Elizabeth it was Dr Who’s Sylvester McCoy, and getting to chat to some brilliantly talented..

In words that probably sum the weekend up best were said by Elizabeth as we left on Sunday “Can we do it again it went so fast” – that’s how good it was we were missing it before they even closed the doors , now where is that Delorean Time Machine when you need it.

Entertainment Rating 9/10


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(We took so many great pictures of amazing Cosplayers and folks having fun, that we can’t possibly include them all! So we will be setting up a Cosplay Gallery to showcase them!)

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