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The Guild

Eventually everyone has to give in to the inevitable don’t they? Right? 

There are so many web series out there available for you to watch at any time day or night from the comfort of your internet connection, and when selecting one to review I have purposefully avoided The Guild for a while now!  Why why I hear you ask- The Guild is an utterly magnificent example of indie brilliance! 

YES and that is why – so much has been said and written about The Guild, and it is safe to say not all of it always complementary, the makers being accused of a bit of a sell-out; but quite frankly I suspect those who do most of the shouting are the ones who would wet their panties with excitement if any of the big boys came knocking their door wanting to grab their web series and run with it!  So I have avoided The Guild mainly because everything has probably been said about it, and also it has more than likely finished, with the stars of the show off doing great things.

However, I have decided to give in and just do it!  Let’s big up The Guild and hope some of our audience haven’t discovered it yet!

So a web series about a group of gamers… funny could it be?  Hysterical is the answer – I cannot tell you how many times I have belly laughed watching it, and I have watched every episode a few times. 

It helps I suspect that I am an ex-gamer who has met every single one of the characters in The Guild whilst playing online. 

Felicia Day is without doubt a huge star, and a very clever lady, she has taken an idea and literally turned it into a working vehicle for herself, with a middle finger up very politely to the mainstream, she has proven that in today’s internet crazy world, if you have some talent, a personality quirky enough to make you eminently watchable and enough drive and determination, you can carve out a career!  Geek & Sundry, which is the place for anyone gamey/geeky/online entertainment to find their fix has given life to more web series’ after the Guild, and a host of other ‘time sinks’ for the happy geek.

The Guild

But, back to the Guild, as with all web series’ the episodes are short (a product of very tight production budgets), but it means you can catch up at any time (Smart Phone + train is a good one) and The Guild starts off almost nearly as a love story between Felica’s character Codex and Zaboo (played by the very talented and funny Sandeep Parikh), but it very quickly becomes clear that this is going to be no mushy series! 

All of the main characters are well developed and strong – my personal favourite is the Guild Leader, Vork, played by Jeff Lewis.  There are moments of utter madness and times of laughing so hard you think your lungs might fall out.  I am aware a lot of my laughter stems from the fact, I know I have been on dungeon raids with people who have a mini fridge next to them, and a toaster plugged in next to their computer so they don’t have to move, and although that knowledge does add to the entertainment value, even if you have never ever entered the world of the MMORPG, give The Guild a go!

Clara played by Robin Thorsen – the mother who would rather children were pixels so she could switch them off when she wants to raid!

Tink played by Amy Okuda – the girl who purports to be too cool to play and yet manages to be online for far too many hours of the day!

Bladezz played by Vincent Caso – the kid who could be cool, and thinks he is cool, in fact he is sat in his mother’s basement playing a computer game.

And of course Codex and Zaboo – Codex uses gaming instead of facing and living real life (so familiar) and Zaboo is just a little on the socially awkward side!

The Guild brings the characters together, and for six series’ shakes and throws the dice and we follow their trials and tribulations!   Safe to say that as the series’ popularity grew series by series you can see the addition of money adding to production values and the stories they are able to produce, but I think the show does stick to its roots and remains indie (at least to the watcher!!!) from the first episode to the last!

Never seen a web series and fancy a bit of toe dipping?  Check out The Guild

Need a belly laugh?  Check out The Guild

Are a gamer or ex-gamer and want to chuckle and nod knowingly A LOT? Check out The Guild.

You can watch the first season in one gorgeous episode right now….here

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