The UK Photography Show 2019

Best UK Photography Show to Visit

The NEC Birmingham once again played host to this year’s UK Photography Show but if that wasn’t enough to wet your appetites this year’s show also included The Video Show.

Gavin Hoey

As with most years the layout has become pretty standard with the event taking place in one large convention hall with rows upon rows of booths all full to the brim with photography and video goodies.

There was little doubt Canon wanted to showcase their new mirrorless EOS RP and EOS R cameras with a huge stand that even had a floor show consisting of ballet dancers, as for the cameras well I did like the feel of them but to be honest there was really too much of a crowd to really get a good test.

Not to be outdone Fuji, had a truly amazing display, offering a tea party showcase with Alice and the Mad Hatter for fans to try out their latest range, of course you also had Nikon, Sony and many more brands scattered throughout the event

But the UK Photography show is much more than a place to pick up a deal and believe me there were some good deals to pick up, I even managed to grab a couple of portable light stands from the PiXAPRO for just £20 normal price £30 so very happy.

Mad Hatter

PiXAPRO also offers up some great demos throughout the four days with guest speakers such as Gavin Hoey, Tommy Reynolds and Glen Norwood all giving some great talks on different lighting techniques.

But they are not the only guest speaks, in fact the show is just bursting with some great names from the photography world giving talks and demos in their respective fields such as Jay Dickman, Rachel Rogers, Lindsay Adler, Gordon Buchanan, Pete Souza and many more.

While you can probably get to see most of it in one day and many do, for me, you will probably get more out of it If you are able to spend at least two days visiting the show that way not only do you get to look around but you also get to take part in a lot of what’s on offer, after all with so many great photographers in one place what better way to pick their brains or get a bit of instruction from them.

Highlights of the show? Well its always great to try out some of the new cameras on show even if they are outside my price range, but taking part in some of the demos on offer is always one of my personal favourites while it’s also a great place to network and make some new friends, so if you are into photography or video then the UK Photography Show is one of the best events you will ever visit.

Make sure you put it in your calendar for next year.

Website: UK Photography Show

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