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“CAMERON STEWAcry havoc comicRT. This is not the tale of a lesbian werewolf who goes to war. Except it kind of is.”

Another one I picked up from February London Super Comic Con, I have to say what drew me first to this was the cover artwork of Cameron Stewart somehow the violin playing girl with the a Werewolf behind beckoned to be read so it found its way in to my haul.

Written by Simon Spurrier the storyline follows Lou a musician from London who after being attacked by a Werewolf and much to her distaste, she inherits some interesting powers of which she is desperate to be rid of, this leads her to agreeing to go on a clandestine mission as part of a mercenary unit in Afghanistan with orders to seek out and eliminate a women who slaughtered  a whole unit, in return she is promised help with exorcising  her Werewolf like curse.

Simon Spurrier

In true mystery fashion this comic begins at the end with a lot of jumping around, now that’s not to say it does not work because it does,  Simon Spurrier’s words are engaging if not hypnotising as you find yourself almost seduced by the likable Lou struggling with her journey,

Adding the atmospheric artwork of Ryan Kelly only enhances the mood and movement of the storyline as the characters are very subtly brought to life, with colourists Nick Filardi, Lee Loughridge and Matt Wilson splashing just the right amounts of lightness and dark to an ever moving scenery, complemented by the lettering of Simon Bowland and of course the design of Emma Price

image comics

There is a lot to like about this first issue of Cry Havoc, you have the romantic element of Lou and her girlfriend, some wonderful characters plus really well woven storyline as first issues go I kind of liked this one and will definitely be getting issue two.

Rating: 7/10
Ryan Kelly
Image Comics

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