Polaris Sector is releasing today on PC!

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Control the sector. Own the galaxy

The Polaris Sector is a black hole for living species, and empires rise and fall in the blink of an eye.

Polaris Sector is a pausable real-time 4x game with advanced tactical combat system, set in a hidden and remote corner of Space. The player can explore a randomly generated galaxy with over 900 stars, discovering planets to colonize and establishing contact with new empires. There are 9 fully customizable races with their own unique portraits, lore and ship models.

The game has been designed with fresh and innovative features such as the research system. Instead of a linear tech tree it employs a continuous stream of technologies. Players can unlock new systems dependent on their investment in applied and fundamental research.

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All the content of Polaris Sector is fully moddable, the possibilities are endless. Players can create new races, invent new threats, build their own ships and much more. Every spaceship is composed of different decks, and it’s the player’s choice on how to equip them with weapons, engines and advanced devices.

Ships are not intended just for war. They are a key element in your espionage network, providing the possibility to gather useful information about the enemy. Also, be prepared to get even: disinformation will be crucial in creating false data for the enemy.

If diplomacy fails, then war is inevitable. When combat begins you can engage the enemy and maneuver your Battleships in the pausable real-time tactical combat mode.

The battle for control of Polaris Sector starts today and on March 24 at 20.00 (CET) you can grab a sneak peek on the official Twitch channel of the Slitherine Group!

For all those who wants to visit and help expand the universe of Polaris Sector, don’t miss the official Polaris Sector Wiki hosted by Gamepedia.

Get more information on Polaris Sector from its official product page


Polaris Sector
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