GREE Brings Hardcore Title ‘War of Nations’

GREE Brings Hardcore Title ‘War of Nations’ to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Gaming Portfolio Expands with Launch of Massively Multiplayer Strategy Title

San Francisco, CA – June 20, 2013– GREE today announced the release of its newest mobile game, War of Nations, available now for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. GREE’s first title geared towards hardcore gaming fans invites players into a massive persistent world accommodating tens of thousands of players. Gamers wage war as they fight for world dominance and to become the strongest nation. 




“In War of Nations, we set out to bring an immersive and competitive hardcore strategy MMO to mobile and tablet devices,” said Ken Chiu, SVP of Social Games, GREE International, Inc. “In developing the game, we took into consideration how hardcore players could play a game on mobile. The goal was to blend strategy and decision making in a hardcore gaming experience with the approachability and “pick up and play” characteristics of mobile games without compromising depth.”

In War of Nations, players must build and train powerful armies as they establish military bases, harvest resources and research technologies to upgrade their formidable forces. To prepare for battle, players must construct their bases in key positions on the map to secure strong defensive positions as well as valuable resources. Players must also strategically construct an army of appropriate military units led by the toughest commander – all in an effort to counter their opponents' forces.  Finally, gamers must work with allies to capture valuable rival bases by launching multiple waves of attacks to strategically deconstruct the enemies' defending forces.

War of Nationsoffers a suite of social features that enhance gameplay and performance. Players can join and create alliances, reinforce ally bases when under fire and coordinate attacks to efficiently and strategically conquer enemy bases. Other social features include an in-game real-time chatting system as well as individual player and alliance leaderboards. War of Nations will be constantly updated with new events, tournaments and features to keep the game experience fresh and exciting. 

The War of Nations App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or at

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GREE is a global mobile social company with businesses that include social gaming, social media, advertising, licensing and merchandising, and venture capital. Established in December 2004, GREE operates one of Japan's largest social networking services, supporting 14 languages. GREE created the world’s first mobile social game in 2007 and today its mobile social gaming ecosystem reaches 169 countries and regions. With studios in Tokyo, Osaka, San Francisco, Vancouver, London, Seoul, and subsidiaries in ten countries, GREE employs more than 2,500 people around the world. GREE is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (3632).


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